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How Medical Grade Skincare Can Transform Your Appearance

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Many people have dozens of different skincare products hidden in their bathroom cabinets. Unfortunately, not every product is good for your skin (despite what the label says). The global skincare product market was valued at $134.8 billion in 2018. We keep grabbing at products, hoping "this one" will deliver the results we need. Instead of wasting time and money, there is a better option. Forget what the latest advertising campaign boasts. Instead, medical-grade skin care products are the way to go. With pure ingredients at higher concentrations, these products can help you declutter your cabinet. Here are seven reasons why medical-grade skin products make all the difference.

1. Better Ingredients

It all starts with better ingredients. After all, it's important to remain wary of what you put on your skin. The wrong product can leave you high and dry or slick with oily pores. According to WebMD, the best ingredients for skincare include antioxidants such as:

  • Acai oil

  • Alpha-lipoic acid

  • Green tea extract

  • Retinol

  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

  • Caffeine

Other natural ingredients for skincare include:

  • Alpha-hydroxy acid

  • Salicylic acid

Medical-grade skincare products are required to contain ingredients at 99% purity. The skincare products you purchase online or in a drug store don't maintain the same standards. Over-the-counter products are often stuffed with "filler" or toxic ingredients. Remain wary of what you put on your skin. Otherwise, you could end up experiencing unwanted results such as irritation or breakouts.

2.Higher Concentrations

It's not enough to have a product with the right active ingredients (vitamin C, antioxidants, retinoids, etc.). With medical-grade products, you also get higher concentrations of these active ingredients. The over-the-counter products you're using might already have these ingredients you need. Is it enough to have a real effect on your skin, though? Since pharmaceutical-grade skincare products have higher levels of these active ingredients, they're also more effective. You'll see more noticeable results with these products than ones you buy over-the-counter. You might have to use over-the-counter products longer to even start seeing results. Why wait? Instead of wasting time and money on weak products, medical-grade skincare products get the job done.

3. FDA Standards

In order to be considered "medical-grade," a product needs to pass the FDA's high standards, first. Medical-grade skincare products undergo double-blind and controlled trials. This ensures they're scrutinized to the highest degree. Companies can't market their products as "medical-grade" until the FDA says they're safe and effective first. Over-the-counter skin care products, meanwhile, are self-regulated. That means the cosmetics industry is approving these products. There's no consistent standard in place for producing or releasing these products to the public. Choosing a medical-grade product means there are clinical research studies to back up the product's claims. Instead of believing promises from an advertising company, you have hard facts. Over-the-counter products don't undergo the same trials. This can leave you vulnerable to products that could do your skin more harm than good.

4. They Dig Deep

Your skin is made up of layers. A product that only works on the surface won't work to help your skin. Most over-the-counter products only affect the outermost skin layer (the epidermis). Products with stronger, active ingredients work better to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin, optimizing results. Pharmaceutical-grade skin care products are created to reach deeper, to the skin's dermis. From there, the product's active ingredients can reach the collagen scaffold. To impact your skin, your products need to reach the deep dermis, where collagen production occurs. Medical-grade products are more effective at digging deep to this skin layer. The more effective a product is at penetrating the skin, the better the results! That means you'll need to use less of the product to achieve your skincare goals. Instead of purchasing bottle after bottle of over-the-counter creams, purchase a medical-grade alternative. You'll save money, time and stress by finding a product that works to helpyour skin.

5. Prescription-Only

In order to start using a medical-grade product, a medical professional needs to recommend it to you first. Trying to research skincare products on your own can leave you running around in circles. Some products have as many side effects as benefits! Others make promises they can't hold up to. Too often, we end up selecting products that sound effective but don't work for our skin type. You'd need hours of training to differentiate all the varying products out there. A medical professional can help recommend the skincare products you need for yourspecific needs. Instead of wasting time and money guessing, you have access to their expertise. They'll recommend the medical-grade skin care products best equipped to suit your needs. That way, you can develop the best regimen for your skin. Trying products and eliminating the ones that don't work through trial and error is costly. In the meantime, your skin isn't getting the help it needs. Speaking with a medical professional can help you avoid this wasted time and energy.

6. The Price is Right

Medical-grade skincare products aren't as costly as you think. First of all, these companies usually aren't spending money on expensive ad campaigns. Instead, that money goes to product research, allowing them to develop quality products. Second of all, you're using less of the product to achieve your desired results. Medical-grade products also work better than over-the-counter counterparts. Instead of throwing away money, you're spending it on something that works.

7. Skincare Products That Meet Needs

When you neglect to get a medical professional's expert advice, you're self-diagnosing your skincare needs instead. That can leave you selecting a product that doesn't work for your specific skin type. The over-the-counter product might also miss the mark for your specific condition. Instead of a broad-use product, choose a medical-grade regimen that's tailored to your needs.The Smarter Skincare Solution:

7 Reasons to Choose Medical-Grade Products

It's time to clear your bathroom cabinet of all those waste-of-space products. After all, your skin deserves the best. With medical-grade skincare products, you can treat your skin to the care and attention it deserves. Achieve your skincare goals with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Discover beautiful, healthy skin with our plant-based products today.

Written by ClarityRX

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