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BY SHAWN TOWNE As we all navigate the new normal and start to venture back out into the world with our protective protocols in place, I’ve noticed that we’re finding challenges in unexpected places like our own faces. Many of my friends are expressing their frustration about their makeup coming off on their masks. One friend confessed that she’s stopped wearing makeup below her mask line because it creates such a mess on her face. Some have stopped wearing makeup all together. This predicament is not uncommon. The good news is that there are actually some simple solutions you can implement to address the dreaded makeup-to-mask transfer. Let’s look at a breakdown by category! COMPLEXION PREP Before applying any makeup, start by evaluating your skincare products. Going less emollient with moisturizers can give the skin a better canvas for makeup to adhere to. Many people are getting success using serums rather than heavy creams. You’ll definitely want to avoid petroleum-based moisturizers.

  • BeautyPrep™ Hyaluronic Serum is our recommendation. It allows skin to hold 1000 times its weight in moisture without compromising foundation wear.

FOUNDATIONS Consider your formula when wearing a mask. Like a moisturizer, heavy emollients can often compromise longevity and transfer resistance. Avoid cream foundations and stick to lightweight liquids or powders. If you’re concerned with coverage, layer them for a more opaque finish.

  • Beyond Matte™ Liquid Foundation and PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation are our recommendations. They give buildable coverage and a wonderful stay-put finish. I recommend applying using our Flocked Sponge in a pressing and rolling motion for additional coverage.

CHEEKS In the age of highlighting and contouring, so many of us are at a loss for how to create that beautiful glow on the cheeks and still be transfer resistant. Well, powders are the way to go. And you’ll be happy to know that many highlighters come in powder formulas. They also come in a variety of tones and finishes.

  • GreatShape™ Contour Kit is our recommendation. It contains powder contour, blush and highlighter that sculpt and shape the face with wonderful longevity.

LIPS This is the biggest challenge for most of us. The key here is technology. The product must be specifically formulated to increase adherence. Glosses and balms are better for virtual events. But if you are going to be wearing a mask, look for a stain.

  • Beyond Matte™ Lip Fixation Lip Stain is our best recommendation. The long-lasting, matte-finish formula doesn’t just add color in one swipe, it stays on for hours. And wait until you see all of the beautiful colors it comes in!

SHAWN TOWNE National Makeup Artist and Senior Educator - Shawn Towne's interest in creating beauty began as a teenager growing up in San Antonio, Texas where, as he wryly says, there wasn't much of a beauty industry. Since then, his more than 30 years as a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist have given him the opportunity to work in Los Angeles, Miami and New York as well as travel extensively around the world, gaining experience in editorial, film, television and high-fashion runway makeup and developing a personal passion for helping mature women achieve a healthy, more youthful appearance with makeup. With images, mentions and accredited articles in Allure, InStyle, Town and Country, Marie Claire, LesNouvelles, DAYSPA and American Spa, Shawn has become a recognized expert in the beauty industry

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