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Old vs. New Makeup Ingredient alternatives

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Old vs. New Makeup Ingredients

Ingredient alternatives – When formulating any product, there are lots of available ingredient options. And there’s a reason that things like talc are still so widely used in cosmetic production. They’re cheap! But a good profit margin no longer means success and longevity when cosmetic companies are being held to higher standards. If you wanted to create your own mineral makeup line, you could go to a variety of vendors around the world and you would be offered menus of ingredients with purity and grade levels that range from top of the line to bargain basement. But never will the phrase “you get what you pay for” be more obvious than when you’re putting these ingredients on your face. Here are some good comparisons to consider:

Old Vs New ( See below how each harmful ingredient is replaced by ingredients that are GOOD for you, producing results that chemical based skincare and traditional makeup can only envy!)

Talc – comedogenic, drying, does not reflect light thus giving the skin a dull, lifeless appearance. Accentuates lines and pores.

Boron Nitride – non-comedogenic, reflects and disperses light to create a soft-focus effect. Minimizes the appearance of lines and pores.

Mineral Oil – comedogenic, provides no real hydration and does not resemble natural sebum.

Coconut Oil – non-comedogenic, very hydrating making it much healthier for skin.

Synthetic Perfumes – fragrances that mask odors but cause redness and irritation.

Essential Oils – can be key in formulation while giving aromatherapy and added health benefits.

Parabens & Phthalates – preservatives that cause irritation, redness and, in some cases, are known endocrine disruptors.

Botanicals & Antioxidants – just as effective at preserving products while adding skincare benefits without irritation or toxicity.

Chemical SPF – causes irritation and redness and must be completely washed off before re-application to get optimal results.

Physical SPF – soothes and calms the skin and can be re-applied over the top of existing SPF for longer wear.

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